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May Term and Summer Learning Support

This year, the ASC's learning support services, including tutoring and writing consulting, are available throughout the May Term and summer class sessions. Please check out the Tutoring and Writing Consulting schedules for peer staff availability. If you have any questions regarding ASC services this summer, please contact Carly Stork (, stop by the ASC on the second floor of the Library, or call the ASC front desk at 563-589-3262.


Trouble logging into your account?

Make sure you are using your UD email address and the 10-character password you chose when registering for an account (it may not match your password for other UD logins). You also MUST select a schedule before hitting enter, otherwise it will require you to retype your login information.

If you still cannot access your account or have other questions, please contact Carly Stork (, stop by the ASC on the second floor of the Library, or call the ASC front desk at 563-589-3262.


Available Services

Advising - Your first-year advisor, health professions advisor, or academic coach can assist you in appointments made on this schedule.

TRIO Student Support Services - You can set up a virtual meeting with your TRIO advisor on this schedule.

Tutoring - If you need course-specific assistance or help with general learning strategies, tutors on this schedule will be able to help you.

Writing Consulting - If you need assistance with a writing assignment for any course, the writing consultants on this schedule are qualified to help you. However, we do NOT merely proofread papers.

Testing - If you are eligible for alternative testing or need to take an FAA Airman Knowledge Test for certification, please use this schedule.

Accessibility Services - If you need assistance with your accommodations or have questions regarding accessibility/disability services, you can make an appointment with the Director of Learning Support Services, Dr. Kathleen Saleh, on this schedule.

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